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Gila Heat Control Window Film with Application Solution - $10

This item is listed For Sale on Craigslist (Detroit area) - updated: January 4, 2016

You can call me at 248-821-7829 for more information or if you want to buy it. Cash only.
Located in Farmington Hills near 13 Mile Rd and Inkster.

Color is Light - #LEG361 (it is a light smoke color)

Apply this light colored window film to the inside of a window to stop up to 99% of destructive UV light and reduce summer heat. No more color fading of furniture and clothing.

I applied it to a skylight and it works great! The instructions are very well written making the installation job pretty straight forward.

The original package contained a 3ft by 15ft roll of film of which I used less than 5ft. I used very little (about an ounce) of the 16oz application solution. So there is plenty of solution left to apply the remaining 3ft by 10ft piece of film.

I bought this film from Home Depot for $29.87 for the film and $3.49 for the application solution. That's $35.36 with tax.

Why buy a whole roll for 35 bucks if you only need 10ft? A deal for $10.