Camping Pictures Index

For those of you who are connected to the internet via your telephone, some of these pictures will take quite a while to download.
2004 PICTURE INDEX - click the blue Trip label to go to that Picture Page
Fri 04-23 thru Sun 04-25 at Lakeport State Park
Fri 05-07 thru Sun 05-09 at Holland State Park
Fri 06-25 thru Sun 06-27 at The Pinery Provincial Park in Canada
Fri 07-16 thru Sun 07-18 started at Chesaning Showboat Park (Big Bust) Campground
Ended at Just-in-Time Campground (very nice)
Fri 08-13 thru Sun 08-15 at Harrisvelle State Park
Fri 09-24 thru Sun 09-26 at Holly State Park
Fri 10-15 thru Sun 10-17 at South Higgins State Park