The Games We Play

Without games, camping would be, well, just camping. We need winners and losers like Obama and McCain.
Greed - uses 6 dice - quick and easy
Play with 6 regular dice Game needs a scorekeeper. First player to reach exactly 10,000 wins.

First player rolls all 6 dice. Dice that score points are set aside after each roll. This player may then take his score and pass the remaining dice to the next player or continue to throw the remaining dice as long as he adds points on every throw. As he scores points, those dice are set aside until all 6 dice have scored points. He may then roll all 6 dice again and continue to add to his score. If he throws the dice and does not add points, his turn is over and he loses all points gained on that turn.

When the dice are passed on to the next player, he has the option to roll only the number of dice passed and add to the previous players point count or roll all 6 dice and start a new point count.

If, at any time, a player scores points that take his total score over 10,000, he must pass the dice to the next player with no points added to his score for that turn. As stated above, the next player has the option to roll only the dice passed and continue scoring as long as he does NOT go over 10,000 in his total score.

Dice score as follows:
Single 5 = 50 points
Single 1 = 100 points
Straight (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) = 1000 points
Three 1's 1,1,1 = 1000 points
Three 2's 2,2,2 = 200 points
Three 3's 3,3,3 = 300 points
Three 4's 4,4,4 = 400 points
Three 5's 5,5,5 = 500 points
Three 6's 6,6,6 = 600 points
Four of a kind = Doubles the score for Three of a kind
Five of a kind = Doubles the score for Four of a kind
Six of a kind = Doubles the score for Five of a kind
Note: Can score Four, Five or Six of a kind on any number - just figure out the point value - 4 threes = 600 points, 4 fours = 800 points, 5 fives = 2000 points. In all the years we've played this, we have seen 6 ones thrown only once - 8000 points on one throw! She took her score and passed all 6 dice!

Bocce Balls - You know... toss the white pea and then the red and black balls. Who's closest?

Dominoes - Mexican and Chicken Foot

Sequence - board game with two decks of cards and a bit of strategy

RummyKub - uses two decks of cards with jokers. Separates the men from the boys.

Five Crowns - card game with five suites. They added the "star" suit so you can't play it with regular cards.

Phase 10 - card game that takes quite a while to complete

Skip-Bo - card game that has become a guys against the gals classic. The guys always win of course.

Cribbage - board and card game. Fast and furious. Lots of quick math.

Pinochle - card game of course

BallzOn - golf-balls-on-a-rope toss game - brought to our group by Jerry

Push Rummy - this has become a favorite card game. Frustration at it's finest.